The Legion of Dawn

“In the Beginning, we were slaves to the violent chaos of this world”….

That is what we are greeted with in the latest look at the Legion of Dawn trailer from Anthem. The trailer opens up showing what I can assume are citizens of Ft. Tarsis exploring a lost temple that tells the history of the beginning of the Javelin age and how General Tarsis lead the assault for freedom and built the first Javelin. It’s the Dawn of a new era and with that Dawn came the Legion of Dawn.

We quickly see 4 javelins enter what seems to be a ruined temple and walking towards what I can only assume is the first Javelin. Immediately you can tell this is not a ranger, storm, or interceptor, which tells us that the first Javelin was in fact a Colossus javelin. We also get a quick glance at what looks like a memorial Stone engraving of the rise of the Javelin.

What is unknown is if the squad that is being displayed in the trailer is an elite group or meant to be your squad. What we do see is they are wearing the Dawning gear that is given to players for preordering Anthem and I must say it is looking sleek! All four classes are seen walking toward the First Javelin in their Dawning Gear and the dark metal tone just resonates so well especially in a squad.

Now this quick glimpse does not tell us much but what I can assume is that during our story we will search for the first javelin in hope of it being our salvation. Only time will tell if this is a true part of ourstory or just the beginning to prepare us for the long voyage ahead. Will we find more relics of the past as we progress through? Only Time will tell but one interesting thing to note is that they also show a flashback of what I assume is General Tarsis in a Colossus javelin, wielding a sword and summoning a rather large bolt of lightning and absorbing it into her sword right before taking out a slew of enemies with a blast of electricity.

What we see next is an array of quick action packed scenes of Javelins flying, Shooting and running through the world, destroying everything in their path. This is nothing we haven’t seen before but what made me stop for a second was the quick peek at the preorder bonus weapon, the Light of the Legion. It seems to be a primary auto-rifle that’s looks very sleek but more importantly pretty powerful.

The trailer ends there with a look at all the preorder bonuses and at the writing of this article I must say that THE HYPE IS REAL. We are 2 months away from being able to explore the massive landscape of a game that is Anthem and I can tell you here and now that I wish I could skip the next two months to play it now. Anthem will hit homes February 22, 2019 with an open beta to all preorders and EA Access members on January 25th. Will you join the Freelancer Enclave to discover this new world? Enlist into the Enclave to be kept up to day with all the latest News, Tips and Tricks, Gear Loadouts and more! We look forward to seeing you out there Javelin Jockeys!

Check out the trailer, via IGN