Character Builds

“They may take our lives, but they will never take OUR FREEDOM”

No this isn’t Mel Gibson’s Braveheart but if Bioware is looking to do anything is give you freedom. How so you say? Well in the latest two live streams, from the creative team behind Anthem, we learn just how much.

Freedom is immediately seen as the goal for this soon to be adventure. Gone are the days of being stuck to one color scheme, one material, one look. Although games like the Destiny Franchise have done an excellent job so far, they are not on par with what is to come in Anthem. From customizing specific parts of your gear, with not only colors, but the type of material and pattern as well.

During the first live stream of November 2018 we were given a pretty in depth look at how much customization we will be able to do to our javelin when we pop Anthem into our Consoles and Pc’s. Anthem’s Lead Producer, Ben Irving, talked about the ability to truly create the Javelin YOU want to create. With that he showed off a bevy of different materials you can deck your javelin out in. It is unknown how many you will have at the start of the game but I think we can safely assume that materials are more likely than not found during exploration. So do not expect to have Titanium Alloy Material and Gucci Javelin interior at the start. No we are not confirming a Gucci partnership but what we are confirming is that you will have Vinyl stickers to your javelin if you wish to give it an even more Need for Speed Custom look.

That first live stream gave us a very in depth look at what we can expect when starting the game and customizing our Javelin but what then? Well that was addressed in Bens follow up stream last week where he gave us more information for our greedy little hearts. The first thing we see is a Colossus Javelin on screen and the Loadout and Appearance customization screen. My assumption is that this takes place on Ft Tarsis in the Forge section, where you are able to change out your loadouts and look.

The Javelin suits will have 5 customizable sections to include Ordnance Launch, Components, Support Gear, Heavy assault launcher and Weapons. Just like other MMORPG’s each piece of gear will have different spec types for you to grind for. In addition you will be able to get bonus stats to your gear called Inscriptions. In game it was said that you will come across quite a few different Inscriptions that will make your gear unique to your playstyle or the mission at hand. How many you ask? One Hundred Inscriptions to be exact and if that doesn’t say Grind I don’t know what will but you never know where you’ll find them. Now these inscriptions are basically what we see as bonus perks for gear or weapons as we have seen in games like Destiny and The Division.

When you first enter the world of Anthem you will only be able to wield one weapon but it won’t stay that way for long. As in most games a level up system is in place and once you reach level 4 you will be able to equip two weapons. Think of the first 3 levels as a Javelin with training wheels ( Now if you just envisioned a Colossus with two tiny wheels attached to each leg, you get a Digital High Five from me personally ). Once you reach the required level you will have way more options but we will get back to leveling. Very much like other games Loot has different rarity levels as well which are as follows.

Common: White

Uncommon: Green

Rare: Blue

Epic: Purple

Legendary: Gold/ Orange

Now like the games we previously stated there will be your player level as well as a power level for your javelin. Each time you go to the forge to select your loadout you will be able to see where you can upgrade your Javelin to be the most effective. This is where the grind will most likely be as everyone will be searching for the perfect roll for their playstyle. Each mission will also come with different difficulty settings for you to try and getbetter gear. So for those of you that want to sweat through the hardest difficulty in the game be prepared to be rewarded with the best gear as well.

One important thing to note is that if you do not get a particular loot drop you can break down the loot that you do receive and take your remains and craft it but each piece will require the correct corresponding blueprint before crafting. To put this into perspective, let’s say you get a Firewall Mortor with a radius bonus but want one with Damage over time, you would have to locate that blueprint but can break down the current gear to salvage the materials you will need. My assumption is you don’t want to break down the gear too soon early on without knowing how common or uncommon a drop is.

Heavy Assault launchers were shown next and we got a chance to see a Flamethrower, classified as a rare or blue in this instance. Under the stats for this weapon we see that this weapon can hold two inscriptions. One for increased Heat Damage and one for increased Shotgun Ammo. My first impression or easiest way to describe it is that it seemed very similar to how The Divisions gear perks are set up. Those inscriptions are purely RNG. So if you want a particular inscription you will have to either find it or craft it.

We then saw a secondary weapons slot that held a Heavy Weapon which is only able to be used by the Colossus. We get a peak at the Bombardier which is a grenade launcher in the Epic category from what we see. Just like the previous weapon we saw it also has inscriptions but the Epic gear has 3 not 2. It was said that the higher the gear the more inscriptions. So the pattern would suggest that Legendary has 4 inscription slots if not more.

Now what we have next are components, which is going to be the cherry on top for your play style. Two components we saw were Explosives Expert which increased the blast damage by a percent and the Overclocked Regulator which increases lightning and fire damage by 35 percent. The ones we saw were Epic which gives you two additional perks. It was said on stream that we may also get drops for our Thrusters which can possibly elongate the amount of time you can fly without landing.

We were then shown a Master Work Assault Launcher by the name of Argo’s Mace. As with the pattern we see 4 inscriptions on this one. Blast Damage, Thruster Life, Gear/ Seal and Marksman Rifle ammo. Now with over 100 inscriptions the sky is the limit for how many different variations of a weapon. Now do not expect to get Masterwork or Legendary gear right off the bat. This level of gear will start to drop once you reach a higher level or gear score. Gear score is basically the equivalent of your light level in Destiny.

This all was just scratching the very small surface of a huge world with plenty of variety. From what we have seen thus far, Anthem is shaping up to be the mech game we all deserve, with plenty of customization for everyone. Anthem will launch on PC, PS4, and Xbox One on February 22, 2019. Are you excited to explore the ruins of this world? We will see you on the ground Javelin Jockeys and for more on Anthem stick with us here on Freelancer Enclave.