Here is a list of some of the Anthem Streamers and Anthem Content Creators. These are the people who help drive this community. Feel free to check any or all of them out when they are live!


Creator of the Freelancer Enclave, Mixer Partner and all around Bioware Super-Fan!

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A community-focused variety streamer on Mixer. He also is the Lead Editor for the Hardcore Casuals community blog and host of they bi-weekly Community Tyme Gaming Podcast.

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Swedish space viking and variety partnered streamer on Mixer and DLive, playing everything from Retro, VR to the latest releases. Mixing it up with games and DJ-sessions.
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Army Vet, Nurse, Mixer Streamer, Robinhood app Stock Trader, English/Spanish Speaker/Streamer, From Puerto Rico


South African community-focused, variety streamer on Twitch. Streaming for the past 3 years.

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American multi-platform variety streamer with a strong focus on community building and helping everyone.

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Mixer Streamer and Director of the .N.E.B. Espionage Bureau. Enjoys Assassinating (virtual) People!

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American multi-platform variety streamer on Mixer with a focus on both co-op and competitive titles.

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