Who We Are

What is the Freelance Enclave

The Freelancer Enclave is built around two basic tenants; Creation and Community.

We all know that games have fluid player bases. Guilds are created, players come and go, people are left hanging when it comes to finding people to play with. Anthem will be no different. This community hopes to combat that, and create a place where every Anthem fan and player can find a home for as long as the game exists.

Are you someone who is interested in Anthem but doesn't have any friends who are and want a place to play? Join us!
Are you a streamer or content creator who doesn't want to take the time to build a community or guild in the game, but still wants a place to pull players from? Join us!
Are you someone who is looking to start creating content and feels like Anthem might be a great game to do that, but want some pointers or another platform? Join us!
Are you interested in writing up articles for Anthem, whether it be tips and tricks for the game or character builds? Join us!

Are you simply a fan of Anthem?


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